MBPJ: Submit Application Before Putting Up Election Ads


PETALING JAYA, 10 Apr: The Petaling City Council (MBPJ) urged all political parties that intend to display election advertisements to submit an application prior to it to the Local Authorities (PBT).

MBPJ media secretariat in a statement informed that the application must be made through the coordination of the party according to respective Assemblymen and Parliaments.

According to the statement, the application must be made as an election advertising control mechanism in the Petaling Jaya area.

“We want to note that the conditions specified are intended to ensure that all election advertisements displayed are in accordance to rules set by the council.

“In addition, MBPJ would like to clarify about the enforcement action that may be taken, including prosecution of the offenses committed,” it stated.

Among the conditions imposed are as follows;

1. Required to fill out an election advertisement form which is available at the Licencing Division, 6th Floor, Menara MBPJ, 46200 Petaling Jaya.

2. Settling advertising collateral fee and cleaning as follows:

i. RM 1,000 for every State Legislative Assembly (DUN)

ii. RM 2,000 for each House of Representatives

iii. RM 3,000 for waste clearing

3. Political parties have to remove all election advertisement displayed and any signs or other structures erected within 14 days after the polling day.

4. The way to display election advertisements where an election advertisement shall be displayed in any of the following ways:-

i. By pasting on a billboard or any other structure erected or placed by the permit holder.

ii. By hanging election advertisements along any streets at stakes put up by the permit holder.

iii. By planting election advertising props onto any ground level apart from any paved sidewalks or five-foot-ways, or

iv. By any other manner as specified by the Mayor in the permit

5. There is a prohibition on displaying election advertising at certain places:

i. Exhibiting any election advertisement or constructing or erecting any signs or other structures in any way that covers or hides any traffic signs, direction signs, street lamps or decorative lighting

ii. Displaying any election advertisement on or across any street; or

iii. Exhibiting any election advertisement on any public building or other structures with nails, glue or other adhesive material, or by any other means that will damage or disfigure the surface of the building or structure.

6. The Council may forfeit the deposit if the licence holder fails to comply with conditions laid down and risks are at the expense of the licence holder.

7. It should be notes that the office of Councillors cannot be used as an operations room or to store party goods and it is prohibited to place a cabin as a store or operations room in any free area of the Council.

Any questions or for further information, the public may contact the Secretariat of Advertising Permit, Licensing Division, 6th Floor, Menara MBPJ, Jalan Tengah, 46300 Petaling Jaya or call 03-7960 4667, 03-7960 9026

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