Rafizi Claims Pandan BN Candidate Involved in Legal Ethics Misconduct


Pandan Indah, 20 Apr: PKR Pandan Parliamentary candidate, Rafizi Ramli claims to have received an anonymous letter informing him that his opponent from BN, Gary Lim Chin Yee was involved in violation of legal ethics and regulations.

The documents contained correspondence between the Bar and Gary Lim when he failed to be honest about his status as a lawyer.

In addition, there are letter from Gary Lim’s former employers, Shearn Delamore & Co, as well as a copy of a police report for allegedly misusing the name of the legal firm.

The police report was made by Gary’s former employer, Shearn Delamore & Co.

According to Rafizi, the allegations of misconduct are serious charges because it questions Gary Lim’s honesty as a professional.


He added that this matter is revealed not to attack the individual rather it concerns the question of credibility and integrity of the candidate who might represent the Pandan Parliament.

“If Gary Lim cannot comply with legal ethics and regulations, there is a risk that he cannot be trusted as a representative of the people.

“It is my responsibility to disclose this matter to the voters in Pandan so that they can choose a representative of the people who is clean, trustworthy, ethical and can be trusted,” he said after the announcement of contesting candidates.

He explained further that the duty of the counsel is subject to strict laws and involves the trust of the clients towards him.

Based on the evidence of the police report made by Gary Lim’s employers, he joined the law firm as a Legal Assistant on 2 November 2000 before leaving the firm on 8 August 2004.

He the re-joined the firm on 1 September 2007 as a Senior Legal Assistant and was promoted to a Salaried Partner in 1 October 2008.

He eventually resigned from the firm on 30 October, 2011.

Previously, the BN Chairman, Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that the BN candidates this time are clear of any wrongdoing and are eligible to be shortlisted to be candidates.

The Pandan Parliamentary seat witnesses a three-cornered clash between Rafizi Ramli who is representing PKR< Gary Lim Chin Yee (MCA-BN) and Allan Tan (Independent).

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