Resident Claims MCA Seized Land in Kampung Sungai Terentang


RAWANG, 29 Apr: A resident in Kampung Sungai Terentang here claims that the 6000 square feet land owned by his family since 1954 was seized and secretly transferred ownership by the MCA leadership that administered the area more than 10 years ago.

The resident, Ng Phei Yun claimed that the incident was first detected in 998 when he failed to renew the land ownership lease (grant) at the land and district office.

He said that the first attempt to renew the grant at the land office failed and was rejected on grounds that the documents were incomplete.

However, a year later, he was shocked to find that the land had changed ownership, in fact the area of the land was also altered and bordered.

“When BN was the governing Selangor, many residents met with MCA leaders to seek assistance regarding land.

“When it was time to renew the grant, we referred to MCA and they said that the ownership of the land had been transferred and sold to their party member.

“Our family felt victimised for being treated this way. What is their right to seize our land? They first promised to help us, then they seize,” he said in a press conference here at the Selayang PKR Main Operations Room this morning.

Also present was the Selayang PKR candidate, William Leong and the Rawang constituency PKR candidate, Gan Pei Nei.

Phei Yun added that he was worried that the land owned by his family cannot be returned because until now, it is still owned by the MCA leader.

Meanwhile, Gan Pei Nei demanded for MCA to immediately return the seized land to the original owners because they have no right to do so seeing that it was owned by Phei Yun’s family for over 50 year.

“Too much abuse of power occurred during the BN administration including seizing the land from the people. BN should be aware that pillaging and plundering the wealth of the people is a huge offence because they have no right,” she stressed.


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