Rodziah Reveals Legal Firm that Masterminded Single Mother Allowance


PETALING JAYA, 11 Apr: Legal firm, Messrs Kamarudin and Partners, claimed to the be the mastermind behind the single mothers’ suit against the Selangor State Government.

PKR Deputy Women, Rodziah Ismail said that she received a formal complaint related to the false forms giving authority to a registered legal firm to claim single mothers’ allowances from the Selangor State Government.

She said that the single mothers and family members involved revealed that the single mothers were promised RM5,000 by just filling out the form.

“They (single mothers) were informed by the involved parties that the allowance promised by the Selangor State Government can be obtained through the actions of attorneys Messrs Kamarudin 7 Partners on behalf of single mothers who signed the form,” she said in a press conference at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya today.

Rodziah added that the forms were distributed directly to the public by any lawyer controlled by the Legal Profession Act 1976 and may be convicted as ‘touting’, an unauthorised and illegal solicitation.

“I ask that all single mothers be careful so as to not be used or become their victims, even more so during this election period.

If they are truly concerned about single mothers all these while,” she said.

Rodziah explained that the complaints received will be followed up with a letter and a report to the Bar Council and the High Court Registrar.

According to Rodziah, the State Government has never made a promise to give such allowances to all single mothers in the Selangor.

Also present in the press conference was PKR President, Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

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