SAMER Relieved, Received a Van as Contribution for School Use


RAWANG, 13 Apr: The people of Rawang Religious Secondary School (SAMER) do not have to worry about transportation to send their students to the hospital in case of an emergency anymore.

Today the school received a contribution of a school van worth RM90,000 from the Selangor State Government through the Selangorku Grant.

The school principal, Zainul Arifien Mohd Jaid said that previously, the school administration had to use vehicles owned by teachers to take students to the hospital or for out of school activities.

“Previously there was a bus provided by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS), but it cannot be used anymore because it is too old.


“So we were forced to use teachers’ cars to go to the hospital even when some students throw up in the car,” said Zainul Arifien at the School Van Presentation ceremony to the School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) here.

The van presentation ceremony which was officiated by the Selangor Chief Minister’s wife, Puan Sri Salbiah Tunut was held at the school hall and was also attended by parents and around 300 people of the school.

Apart from being used to take students to the hospital, the van can also be used for school trips and to transport students to participate in sports activities or co-curricular activities at other schools.

In similar developments, the President of SAMER PTA, Mohd Subki Abdul Hamid also said that he did not expect that his application would result in the school receiving the contribution from the State Government which was approved very quickly.

“Three days after I visited the Chief Minister’s Office, I received a call saying that the application was approved,” he said.

Salbiah, when delivering her speech said that she hopes that the school PTA continues to actively seek contributions to receive education facilities regardless if it is from the State Government or the Federal Government.

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