Subang PR Candidate Confident That PR Manifesto is the Best Campaign Weapon


KUALA LUMPUR, 20 Apr: Pakatan Rakyat (PR) candidate for the Subang Parliament for the 13th General Election today expressed his confidence in the PR manifesto being well received by the community here.

According to the Subang Parliamentary candidate, Sivarasa Rasiah, the “People’s Manifesto: the People’s Alliance of Hope” is able to offer a better life for Malaysians compared to before.

“For our campaign this time, the PR manifesto is our main strength because there are various attractive offers for the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, PAS candidate for the Paya Jaras State Legislative Assembly (DUN), Mohd Khairuddin Othman expects, other than the PR manifesto, the concept of a Welfare State practiced by the Selangor PR Government is also another attraction for the voters in Paya Jaras.

“We endeavour to develop villages, land issues and the welfare of the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, when commenting on PR’s opportunity in Paya Jaras, Mohd Khairuddin expressed confidence based on the people’s mood of increasingly rejecting BN and wanting change.

“For the GE-12, I only lost by a majority of 642 votes, this time I am confident that there is a very promising opportunity,” said Mohd Khairuddin who will be competing for the second time.

Apart from BN candidate, Prakash Rao, Sivarasa will be competing with candidate Mohamad Ismail from the party Berjasa, and two Independant candidates, Nazaruddin Mohamed Ferdaus and Datuk Edros Abdullah.

Meanwhile, Mohd Khairuddin will meet with the Paya Jaras DUN incumbent, Muhammad Bushro Mat Johor.

Today the nomination of candidates contesting in the GE-13 was held and on 5 May, voters will cast their votes to determine the nation’s future.

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