Syabas Reminded to Not Use Dirty Tactics by Disconnecting Water Supply


SHAH ALAM, 12 Apr: The Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas) has been reminded to not use dirty tactics to denigrate the Selangor State Government by playing the water issue in Ampang and Gombak.

This warning was issued by the incumbent Ampang Member of Parliament, Zuraida Kamaruddin, following the water disruption involving more than 65,000 residents in the area.

“Once again, Ampang and Gombak have been hit by a water crisis over the past 24 hours due to a burst pipe in Batu Caves, as reported by Syabas.

“I hope that this water problem is truly happening and is not a dirty tactic by Umno-BN to help Syabas denigrate the Selangor Government by playing the water issue in Ampang and Gombak,” said Zuraidah in a media statement.

Zuraidah said that previously she had issued a statement early this year that this issue will resurface when the election date draws near.

She said that excuses such as burst pipes, damaged pump houses and so on will not arise if Syabas conducts periodic inspections and performs maintenance properly.

“On our part, we will carry out an investigation on this issue and we will not hesitate to make a police report if we find Syabas playing dirty.

“In the meantime, I have already deployed council members of the affected areas to monitor the area and to ensure that tankers and static tanks are supplied with fresh water to ease the burden of consumers in the Ampang area,” she said.

Zuraidah said that the incident proves that Syabas only reaps profit from the people but does not carry out their work with responsibility and trust.

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