Telok Gong Umno-BN Causes Disturbance at Pakatan Rakyat Ceramah


PORT KLANG, 28 Apr: Angry due to loss of support, Umno-BN used tactics to disturb programmes organised by Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

The most recent incident last night at Kampung Hamid Tuah here at Telok Gong, a BN operations room staff at the village deliberately played songs and messages from the Umno President loudly through loudspeakers.

The act was clearly deliberately done to disturb the PR ceramah (talks) programme which was held at a nearby clearing.

However, the PKR candidate for the Port Klang constituency, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who was delivering his speech hoped that the public would be patient with the actions if the Umno-BN supporters.

“We know that what they are doing is intended to prevent the people from receiving various information regarding the reality of various issues.

“I hope that all of you be patient, this is part of the resistance of our struggle,” said Abdul Khalid.


According to a resident who only wanted to be known as Wasrin, such actions have not been done in previous nights when no PR programmes were conducted in the area.

Several teenagers who were in the Umno-BN operations room had also several times yelled unclear words to about 300 attendees at the PR ceramah.

However, the actions of the Umno-BN members are just laughed at by those at the ceramah site as the antics of Umno-BN supporters are seen as childish and immature.

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