Tian Chua: EC Should Encourage the People to Vote, Not Hinder


SHAH ALAM, 17 Apr: The Election Commission’s (EC) move of wanting the Foreign Ministry to investigate overseas cars that bring home Malaysians on polling day is describes as ‘ridiculous’.

PKR Vice-President, Tian Chua said that a Singapore registered vehicle has no bearing on relations between nations, thus the Ministry should not carry out any investigation.

He said that overseas Malaysian voters intending to come back to vote should be encouraged.

However, the EC is limiting ways for voters to come back to vote, they are even giving a “warning” to the Singapore government to not interfere in matters of the Malaysian Government.

“The EC shoulders a heavy responsibility, they should encourage all registered voters to come back to vote and making a success of a democratic election. However, the EC is giving a limit to voters overseas by not allowing foreign cars to bring voters back to vote.

“Malaysian Airlines has also launched a special package to encourage them to come home to cast their vote on 5 May.

“Is the EC planning to prohibit all aeroplanes from bring voters back to Malaysia?” he asked in a press statement.

Previously, Sin Chew Daily reported that the EC Deputy Chairman, Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate Singaporean registered cars transporting voters home to vote on the polling sate.

He also called on Singapore to pay attention to this matter, so that the Government of Singapore respects Malaysia, to avoid the question of outside intervention in government matters.

The incumbent of Batu Member of Parliament also added that the EC should ensure that the 13th General Elections carry out smoothly and is carried out with a fair democracy.

“The question of outsiders interfering in matters of the state of otherwise, is not the EC’s problem.

“The EC should pay attention to issues of immigrants becoming voters in Sabah, or shadow voters. How the voters come back, that is a personal freedom of the people,” he said.

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