Umno-BN Only Gives Land Grants to Supporters


RAWANG, 26 Apr: The people in Batu Arang are forced to face the ‘blackmail politics’ sentiment practiced by Umno-BN leaders with regards to giving land ownership grants in the village for decades.

This is because Umno-BN allegedly presents land grants to anyone who supports the party in the General Election (GE).

According to the village head of Kampung Batu Arang, Rosli Mohd Sharif, the move is completely different to Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) stand of not assessing based on political ideology to resolve the issue.

“We have found that many grants were not issued since year 2000 because Umno-BN practices blackmail politics where grants are only issued during the GE and handed only to whoever supports the party.

“When PR governed Selangor, hundreds of grants were successfully issued in less than five years of their administration. PR helped the people regardless of ethnicity and (political) party,” he said at a press conference here at the Batu Arang PKR headquarters.

He added that since PR took over the reins of administration in Selangor, more than 500 land grants have been presented to local residents, while 600 applications will be settled soon.

Meanwhile, defending the Selayang Parliamentary seat, William Leong said that the technique of house-to-house surveys was used to identify the residents or land owners who are residing in the area before presenting grants.

He explained that the problem that has persisted for more than 20 years managed to be resolved by PR in a short period of time and involves several other areas throughout Selayang.

“Therefore, the Chief Minister ordered all members of Parliament and Assemblymen to make a census on who qualifies to receive the land grant and is actually living there,” he said.

Selangor MCA Chairman, Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai previously claimed that the residents in Batu Arang were faced with land grant application problems despite having long been applying to the PR Government.

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