Umno Nationalistic Policies Continues to Fool the People


SHAH ALAM, 15 Apr: The nationalist policy adopted by Umno only fools the people, said PAS General Mursyidul, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Therefore, Nik Aziz, who is also the Chief Minister of Kelantan, urged the people to vote for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the 13th General Elections (GE-13) to avoid being further duped.

“I ask on the behalf of the people of Kelantan to vote because we are in a democratic country.

“Do not be forced by anyone to vote. Elections are different from forced elections. Since I entered politics, there have been a lot of forced elections in Malaysia.

“I am the Chief Minister. (I) party chief, general Mursyidul, in Kelantan (I am) the Chief Commissioner but we have never been given a chance to talk on radio or on television. This is not a democracy, this is a communist,” he said.

He added that Islam is the religion of Allah. Nationalism is not religious, Communism is not a religion and Socialism is not a religion, it is man-made and we cannot push for it and liken it to a religion.

He added that all this while, Umno-BN fears some individuals, not because they threaten national security, but because they pose a danger to Umno-BN.

“ISA captures people. Pose danger to national security. Karpal Singh was arrested, Lim Guan Eng was arrested, my son was arrested, (Datuk) Mahfuz Omar was arrested because he was a threat to the nation.

“When they are released and become candidates, people vote for them. This means that they are not a threat to the nation but a threat to Umno,” he added.

Speaking at the ‘Talking About Love’ (Bicara Cinta) organised by Karangkraf, he said that the restrictions that the Kelantan PAS Government faces is a form of ‘evil work’ by Umno-BN, which continuously discriminates so much so as to establish a Central Administration Department (JPP) to manage finances channelled in from the Federal Government.

“This evil deeds carried out by Umno leaders destroy the human status. Humans are so wild.

“(People of) Kelantan do not choose Umno and have the JPP. All money from the federal government is given to the JPP. They build roads, hospitals, and we do not know at what cost,” he said.

Earlier, Nik Abdul Aziz launched his latest book titled ‘Bicara Ini Demi Ilahi’ (This talk is for Allah) published by Grup Buku Karangkraf, held at the Karangkraf Media Group Auditorium.

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