AMK and the Women’s Wing Need to be More Proactive in Electoral Delimitation


PETALING JAYA, May 24: The PKR Youth and Women’s Wings need to be more proactive to initiate discussions with experts to recommend the appropriateness of new constituency boundary delimitation.

“Therefore, I propose for the Youth and Women’s Wings to be more proactive to initiate discussions with parties who have the expertise to recommend the proper boundaries based on the ethics of democracy as a counter proposal for the re-delimitation by the EC at the end of the year,” said PKR Vice President, Azmin Ali.

In addition, Azmin suggested for an independent commission which is transparent and professional to be formed to ensure that the delimitation matter would be conducted fairly.

He said that the role of the Election Commission (EC) should focus more on handling the election and to not be burdened with the responsibility of recommending new boundary delimitation.

Azmin stressed is this is so, it will undermine the credibility and independence of the EC.

“The crippling of the electoral system in Malaysia stems from gerrymandering masterminded by Umno.


“The delimitation of constituencies was done unfairly and does not meet the principles of democracy,” said Azmin.

He said this in a speech of the PKR National Congress Launch for the PKR Youth Wing (AMK) and the Women’s Wing entitled ‘Exercise One Life’ which was held here at the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) Civic Hall.

Azmin explained that the ‘Boundary Commission for England’ system was created to provide recommendations for new boundary delimitation every 5 years.

“It must be based on democratic ethics as a response to the recommendations of the proposed re-delimitation by the EC at the end of the year,” said Azmin.

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