Azmin Denies Leaving Party


KUALA LUMPUR, 10 May: Rumours stating that PKR Vice President, Azmin Ali will release all positions in the party was answered when he denied the matter today.

This assertion was made in front of PKR supporters and media personnel at a press conference, here at the PMR headquarters.

This matter was described as a rumour spread by Umno to shake Pakatan Rakyat (PR).


Regarding the appointment of Chief Minister, Azmin also said that the Selangor PKR held a meeting last night and proposed names of Selangor Chief Minister candidates.

“We have submitted the letter to the president based on the meeting,” said Azmin.

According to Azmin, the selection of candidates for Chief Minister of Selangor presented to DYMM the Sultan of Selangor must be done through consultation.

Azmin explained that he and his colleagues will support whoever is appointed based on consensus discussion results.

“We will obey whoever is decided through consensus.

“I also need to hear explanations from friends in Selangor PAS and DAP.

“We have no problems in keeping anyone too. Our huge mandate has to be carried out transparently,” added Azmin.

Regarding rumours that PKR will be consulting with Umno in the name of Malay unity, Azmin rejected the matter.

“I reject it by stressing that PKR is not a Malay party, instead it is multi-ethnic based on Islamic and universal principles,” he stressed.


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