BN Candidate for Gombak Setia Constituency Fails to Appear for Debate


GOMBAK, 1 May: The BN candidate for Gombak Setia constituency, Datuk Said Anuar Said Ahmad failed to attend the Political Debate ‘Gombak Setia Agenda’.

Said Anuar was expected to debate with PAS candidate, Hasbullah Ridzwan at Dewan Beringin in Sri Gombak to meet mature political culture organised by the Gombak PAS Youth Assembly.

This opportunity was used to its best by Hasbullah to explain the agenda and the Gombak Setia area planning as well as to explain the People’s Manifesto introduced by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for the 13th General Election (GE-13).


“I understand that the invitation was sent via registered letter dated 24 April to his office and I personally received the invitation from the organisers.

“Any (asperse) accusations is not justified.

“There is no question of asperse. It is based on a format which is fair to both sides on an equal stage,” he said.

Prior to that, Said Anuar lodged a police report with the Gombak Police Station regarding the display of banners and the spreading on websites on the political debate.

According to him, the report was made to deny any invitations, whether in writing or by word of mouth, unless the display and distribution of banners and websites are done without his consent.

In the meantime, speaking in front of 250 civilians, Ustaz Hasbullah explained that the infrastructural and human capital development are the main focus which will be addressed if raised to be the people’s representative on 5 May.


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