“BN Should Realise, the Majority of the People Reject You”


SHAH ALAM, 6 May: Umno-BN should show proper respect and should be ashamed because although they succeeded in forming the Federal Government, it failed to gain the support of the majority.

According to Shah Alam MP, Khalid Abdul Samad, in the 13th General Election (GE-13) last night, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) received 5.6 million votes.

Compared to BN, which only obtained 5.3 million votes.

“Because of the methods of delimitation, BN continues to gain a majority in Parliament while the people’s vote is in favour of PR.

“I hope that (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib) realises that they are a government which is rejected by most Malaysians, even when we were competing on an uneven field.

“If you know how to be ashamed, show a little shyness, instead of showing the mandate, making it an issue of racism and these actions show a government which is not fully aware of themselves,” said Khalid.

In the GE-12 in 2008, BN was denied the majority for the first time when they only won 140 out of 222 parliamentary seats overall, while 82 others were won by PAS, PKR and DAP, which at that time had yet to form PR.

Then, BN obtained the popular vote of 4.08 million votes of 50.6 percent, while PAS, DAP and PKR obtained 3.74 votes or 49.4 percent.

In the GE-13 yesterday, the majority of seats won by BN declined further when they only were able to win 133 Parliamentary seats, while Pakatan increased to 89 Parliamentary seats.

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