‘Madam, Although We Are Umno Women, We Want to Vote For You This Time’


SERI SERDANG, 2 May: Several representatives of the Seri Serdang Umno women’s movement expressed their support towards the Seri Serdang constituency PAS candidate, Noor Hanim Ismail.

According to Nor Hanim, she was told personally by members of the movement in a meet while campaigning to recapture the seat which was previously won by the former Selangor State Assembly Opposition Leader from Umno-BN, Datuk Mohamed Satim Diman.

“Umno women also helped me because I was the President of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in a school here, where mothers from Umno applied for provisions for text books.


“At the time, we could not get textbook assistance and many residents are from the less fortunate and now when they found out that I am competing, they told me, Madam, although we are from Umno, we want to vote for you this time,” said Noor Hanim.

Apart from being the PTA President, till 0presently, Noor Hanim is a Chairperson at several bureaus at three schools in Puchong and Subang Jaya as well as the Residents Committee (JKP) Education Chairman at Zone 13, Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MBSJ).

Noor Hanim also added that her visit to the BN operations room was also well received by the personnel there.

“Actually, when sympathising with voters, we meet at the BN operations room and also visit to give the manifesto and provide information to them and they also received it well and wished me success,” added Noor Hanim.

Noor Hanim further added that this time, the voter’s mood in the Seri Serdang constituency is a want for change.

“Alhamdulillah, the support from the Chinese community is very high, irrespective of DAP, MCA, PKR or party-less, they all feel that this is the time to change, not any other time.

“This area is no longer an Umno fortress, we saw that my ceramah (talk) received great response, so much so that the field was full compared with the Umno-BN ceramah where there were many seats,” said Noor Hanim who holds a Diploma in Management and Business from Swansee Institute.

In the GE-12 in 2008, the majority was won by Satim by only 45 votes compared to the majority received in the GE-11 in 2004 with 10,545 votes.

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