Malay Support for PAS Increased


SHAH ALAM, 11 May: The increase in support from the Malay community for PAS in the 13th General Election (GE-13) by an average of 45 percent proves that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) component party still has a place among voters.

The average of support earned by PAS from Malay voters in the Peninsula managed to dispel allegations from Umno-BN regarding the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ which related to racism.

Shah Alam Member of Parliament, Khalid Samad described the Umno-BN propaganda of deliberately inciting racial sentiment has clearly failed and has no influence on the people.


Taking Selangor as an example, he said that the people under the PR leadership since five years ago did not suffer loss but were given equal rights and benefits.

“I think that in Selangor, all Umno-BN propaganda to create racial politics has failed.

“What we want is a clean government, like Selangor, where we have all enjoyed the fruits of clean governance.

“The support from the Malay community is increasing because the Umno-BN propaganda has backfired and is known to the people as a lie,” he told TVSelangor.

Kota Raja MP, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud said that the tremendous victory recorded by PR is on the basis of strong support from all races towards the coalition which wants change.

She said that most constituency seats won by PAS and PR, proves that the people are getting smarter in making choices and reject racial politics.

Meanwhile, Templer Park Assemblyman, Zaidy Abdul Talib is of the opinion that the increase of PR votes are not because of the ‘Chinese Tsunami’, but it comes from the support of people in cities and traditional villages.

“Indeed, a large portion of Chinese support PR, but at the same time, the victory achieved was from the support of the young people and the Malay community. An example is in the Sabak constituency where the majority of votes came from the Malays. That alone clearly rebuts the BN presumption about the ‘Chinese Tsunami’,” he stressed.

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