Malay Support in Dusun Tua is Starting to Move Towards PR


HULU LANGAT, 2 May: The PAS candidate for the Dusun Tua constituency, Razaly Hassan expressed excitement to find that the Malays here, who are deemed to be strong Umno-BN supporters, are starting to show winds of change.

Commenting on Pakatan Rakyat’s opportunities, Razaly said that the awareness towards development and political issues will change the face of politics in Dusun Tua this time.

“According to our meeting with voters throughout Dusun Tua, nearly 90 percent from the Chinese and Indian communities give their commitment.

“The Malays are beginning to have awareness. For a while, fence-sitters and Umno members have become silent voters.

“If this happens, InsyaAllah we will make changes as wanted by them,” he added.

As the President of Hulu Langat PAS, Razaly will challenge the incumbent from BN, Ismail Sani in the 13th General Election (GE-13) this time.

When asked what he would do if he is elected to be a representative of the people.

Razaly said that he will focus on solving the flood problem that often occurs in this area seeing that there has been no solution by Umno-BN leaders for a long time.

“There some areas that require large ditches and deepening of rivers.

“For example, flood often occurs in Sungai Serai, Batu 18 and Pangsun,” he said when met in a get-together session with voters.

In addition, there are several villages that still depend on water from the hill without proper plumbing system.

Despite being extended to the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas) there has been no action despite the State Government providing allocations.

“The basic problem is that there are some villages that are still behind in terms of clean water. This should not be happening.

“For example, there is a case in Kampung Sungai Tekali where until now, they are still using water from the hill,” he added.


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