“Malaysian Tsunami” Urged Najib to Step Down


KELANA JAYA, 9 May: The “Malaysian Tsunami” which took place in the Kelana Jaya Stadium following the extraordinary turnout for the ‘People’s Voice, A Sacred Voice’ Speech to protest against the results of the 13th General Election (GE-13) which was said to be laden with fraud.

Despite the rain, the influx of people caused heavy traffic congestion along the Damansara-Puchong Highway from Bandar Utama right up to Puchong.

With black clothing being the theme, over 50,000 Malaysians thronged the stadium and its surrounding areas with the spirit of one race, one soul and one country.

Hosted by the Sungai Petani Member of Parliament, Datuk Johari Abdul, the team of Pakatan Rakyat leaders who were present gave speeches which were met with excitement from supporters.

Among the most tremendous insistence thrown by PR leaders was asking the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak to step down due to fraud and abuse of power which occurred in the GE-13.


Although defeated for the Pekan Parliamentary seat, Orange-13 Coordinator, Fariz Musa stated his willingness to face the incumbent, Najib Razak, again in the area if given a chance.

In addition, Beaufort Member of Parliament, Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin who started the people’s speech stated that the uprising of the people’s change in rejecting fraud will continue in Sabah.

The speech that stole the attention of the people was from the Chief Minister of Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who was delighted by the support of the people in defending Selangor, so much so as to successfully beat the Selangor Umno-BN led by Najib himself.

“Thank you for defending Selangor. Najib cannot defeat Selangor because of you (the people).

“We do not only want to win, but we also want justice. Let us challenge the injustice and unfairness in the voting.

“We will determine the country. Not Najib or the EC, but us,” he said briefly.

Meanwhile, PAS Vice-President, Mohamad Sabu claimed that Thai nationals were brought in to vote in the rural areas in Kedah.

“There was no dipping of fingers (in indelible ink) for early and postal voters. If you reject postal and early votes, 60 percent of Malaysians voted for PR.


“Their lies continue, the people have risen up to demand for democracy.

“They tried to play the racial issue.5th of May was not a Chinese Tsunami but a Malaysian Tsunami. It is not about race. We are fighting against corruption and mismanagement,” he said.

Meanwhile, last night the DAP Advisor, Lim Kit Siang also thanked the people, of various races, who voted for him at the Gelang Patah Parliament, thus defeating the former Chief Minister of Johor, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

According to him, racial politics is an old culture resulting in the hand of friendship of “the known devil” to be rejected by the people.

At the talk, National Laureate, Datuk A Samad Said also recited a poem titled ‘Mother of All Lies’ which he wrote three hours before the assembly.

Among other leaders present were PKR President, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PKR Vice-President, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Tian Chua and N Surendran.


Also present was the PKR Secretary General, Datuk Saifuddin Nasution, PKR Head Srikandi, Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail, the Seri Setia Assemblyman, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, and Subang Member of Parliament, R Sivarasa.

PAS President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was not with the PR leaders in Kelana Jaya because he was having a similar assembly at Rusila, Terengganu.

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