PKR Claims EC Rules Allows For Individuals to Vote Twice


KUALA LUMPUR, 29 May: Kuantan Member of Parliament, Fuziah Saleh revealed the “Voting Process Procedure Guidelines to Overcome Congesting at Polling Centres’ which was issued by the Election Commission (EC) as evidence that voting more than once is allowed during the election.

These guidelines were exposed because previously several parties have come forward to state that there have been individuals who have voted more than once, but the matter was denied by the EC.

According to Fauziah, these guidelines allows for Presiding Officers (KTM) to open other election channels in the event of congestion where more than 20 people are waiting for their turn to vote as well as to open special envelopes containing a new electoral register.

She also claimed that this is a planned planning to enable election fraud to be committed and to cause confusion to party agents who check voter’s names to determine whether the person has cast a vote or not.

“When the EC open a new register, it will not be marked. If the person is present, it then can be marked.

“This is what happened and confusing happens in polling agents when a name is called twice. This is the source of the EC plan to allow additional voting.

“I want to explain this, this matter has never before been explained. These guidelines were weaved in and never been briefed,” she said in a press conference at the PKR headquarters.

Fuziah added that these guidelines were only given to the State Election Director less than a week before the polling day.

Previously, there was an incident where a voter, Mohd Fadhil Khaharruddin lodged a police report regarding the electoral roll which allowed for him to vote twice at the SK Sungai Isap, Kuantan polling centre.

He voted at Channel 4 at 10.00am and cast his vote for the second time at 1.15pm.

However when he was given the opportunity to vote for the second time, Mohd Fadhli did not cast his ballot and instead kept the ballot paper and the channel number as evidence that the the EC procedures and credibility were weak.

Fauziah stressed that although this does not affect the results of the election in Kuantan, she believes that such things may have happened in other areas, particularly for seats which saw the defeat of Pakatan Rakyat candidates with a slim majority.

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