PKR Reveals “Blackout” At Kulim-Bandar Baharu Vote Counting Centre


PETALING JAYA, 27 May: Today PKR revealed evidence of electricity outage (blackout) during the vote counting at a school for the Parliamentary seat of Kulim Bandar Baharu, Kedah, in the 13th General Election (GE-13).

PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli said that the #Siasat PRU-13 (Investigate GE-13) Team acquired the police report lodged by Burhanuddin Ismail who was the Leader of the Kampung Tebuan Sedim Ballot Boxes.

The details of the police report stated that the electricity at Sri Lindungan Raja School in Sedim suddenly went out at 7.15pm during the counting of the votes on May 5.

Burhanuddin also claimed that he received information that Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) did not receive any reports of any blackouts in the Sedim area that night.

“The matter cannot be taken lightly. The police report lodged showed that the people are also concerned regarding this matter,” he said in a press conference at the PKR headquarters today.

Rafizi also blasted the Chairman of the Election Commission (EC), Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar who claimed that the ‘blackout’ photograph which was disseminated via the internet previously was merely an act.

Previously, Wan Ahmad was also criticised by the Sri Serdang Assemblyman, Noor Hanim Ismail from Selangor who explained that the ‘blackout’ incident also happened in the vote counting centre of the area he was contesting in.

“With a response statement from YB Noor Hanim, it is appropriate that the EC Chairman should declare the basis of how he could take lightly a serious complaint on the discrepancies of the election process without first investigating the matter.”

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