Rafizi: GE-13 Petition Information Almost Ready


SHAH ALAM, 23 May: The #Siasat PRU-13 (Investigate GE-13) Team is ready to file a petition to challenge some of the 13th General Election (GE-13) dubious results.

#Siasat PRU-13 Team leader, Rafizi Ramli said that he is working with a team of lawyers to prepare the petition and will do it in stages.

“We have been working with a group of lawyers and they are in the process of readying the petition to be filed.

“We will file it in stages. This means that we will not wait for it to be completely ready before filing.

“InsyaAllah we will have 25 to 29 petitions,” he told TV Selangor.


The Pandan Member of Parliament also informed that PKR is focusing on 19 seats and June 10 is the deadline for submission of petitions to meet the 21-day period to do so.

About the deficiencies found by the investigations made, Rafizi explained that the question of integrity of the ballot boxes and the disputed indelible ink are among the issued raised in their investigation.

“We are focusing more on specific cases of corruption, phantom voters or evidence that the total number of Form 13 and 14 are not equal to the ballot papers. Those are among which is included in the petition,” he added.

DAP Director of Elections, Dr Ong Kian Ming informed that among the seats addressed by DAP is the Labis, Cameron Highlands and Bentong Parliamentary seats.

He said that the said areas are challenged following DAP’s defeat with a majority of less than 1,000 votes.

Meanwhile, for PAS, Attorney Asmuni Awi in a brief reaction said that they will hold a meeting with the top leadership tonight regarding the submission of the GE-13 petition, especially in obtaining information in several states contested.

For the record, contesting political parties and candidates have the right to challenge the election results by filing a petition in the High Court at the states in question regardless of reason.

This is guaranteed under Article 118 of the Federal Constitution.

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