Selangor Exco Should Declare Assets


KLANG, 30 May: The State Government will direct all Selangor Executive Councillors to declare their assets before the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) begins.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the declaration of assets include newly appointed Excos as well as former Excos.

He said that the effort is a continuation from what started last year.

“Last year, we already practiced what is called a declaration which we will continue to follow.

“So every additional asset acquired while the Exco is on duty, he will be required to report. It also includes old Excos,” he said during the oath swearing ceremony of the State Government Exco here at the Alam Shah Palace today.

However, the Chief Minister explained that the declaration of assets only involve Excos and do not include Members of the State Legislative Assembly (Assemblymen).

“I thought that it is important for the Excos first (declaration of assets) because they have executive tasks,” he said.

Abdul Khalid also said that the oath swearing ceremony for all Assemblymen, including the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker will be held in 21 June and the first Selangor State Assembly session is on 28 June.

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