Shah Alam Pakatan Rakyat Catches Foreign Voters


SHAH ALAM, 5 May: Several foreigners from Myanmar and Indonesia were caught casting votes here who are believed to be phantom voters.

Pakatan Rakyat staff managed to detect them based on their dubious character.

Batu Tiga constituency PR candidate, Rodziah Ismail expressed concern on the matter and hopes that the Election Commission (EC) will not ignore the issue.

“In Padang Jawa, we caught two or three phantom voters who are Myanmar and Indonesian citizens this morning at the polling centre.

“Our concerns all this while are founded. As a candidate, I hope that the EC will not be defensive and they will answer truthfully.

“Why are there electoral rolls that are not yet clean,” she told TVSelangor today.

PR candidate for the Shah Alam Parliamentary seat, Abdul Khalid Samad said that the arrest today proves what Pakatan has claimed all this while to be true.

“Phantom voters were detected and detained at Section 7 and 24. Congratulations to officers who caught them,” he said.

The issue of phantom voters is hot in Selangor with reports stating that there are efforts to bring in a group of foreign voters by flight from Kota Kinabalu to KLIA, ahead of the polling day.

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