Tian Chua: EC Lied About Indelible Ink


PETALING JAYA, 8 May: The People’s Justice Party (PKR) criticised the Election Commission Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, who according to PKR, lied about the quality of the indelible ink.

PKR Vice-President, Tian Chua said that the EC previously held a demonstration in front of the media, and through a variety of tests, assured that the quality of the ink is suitable for the 13th General Election (GE-13).

However, excuses upon excuses from the EC; claiming that the ink was not shaken first, the halal content, and that it has been stored too long, shows that the body is not honest.

“If this liquid contains silver nitrite, even if you shake or not, the quality will not change.

“This shows that the EC Chairman gave an unreasonable statement and tried to fool the people. We cannot cheat when it comes to chemistry.”

During the voting process in 5 May, the NGO which was monitoring the elections and Pakatan Rakyat received many reports from individuals claiming that the indelible ink painted on their finger is removable.

These individuals came forward to report the incident when they found that the ink on their fingers painted when they cast their votes faded when washed with soap.

Several days prior to that, the EC said that the ink could last up to five days. In fact, the body went on to hold a demonstration in front of the media to prove the quality of the ink.

Tian Chua also requested for the EC to explain who the three individuals the EC entrusted to keep and safeguard the bottles.

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