Two Residents Lodge Police Report on Dubious Voter at Home


AMPANG, 5 May: Two individuals found that their home address was used to register voters who are not from their family.

More surprisingly is that one of the dubious voters tried to cast vote at the Al-Rahimah Taman Dagang Integrated People’s Religious School (KAFA) in Ampang.

However, the attempt was successfully objected by PKR polling agents who found that the name was addressed at another voter’s home.

The individual managed to escape and not cast vote when detected by election workers.

Sok Leong Yew, 43, who lives with his younger sibling, Seok See Wai, 33, was surprised when their home has four other names even though there only the two of them.

“This morning I went out early to vote. My sister voted then returned home to take water.


“In my letter box, there were six pieces of voting information.

“Two belonging to my sister and I. Four others were to people we do not know,” he said.

From four of the names, two of them were Chen Yew Joe with the identity card number 841217-14-5937, and Chen Yew Weng who holds the number 851217-14-5557.

Both names have the same birthday and month but different years.

Two other names are Chen Yew Fai (760930-5671) and Chen Sze Won (780527-14-5784).

Another resident, Sivaprasam Karappian, 60, claimed that he found that his home had two other registered names although he has lives in the rented home since its construction was completed.

With regards to that, both of them lodged police reports at the Ampang Jaya District Police Headquarters while accompanied by Pandan Parliament PKR candidate, Rafizi Ramli.

Meanwhile, Rafizi informed that the three names on Sok Leong Yew’s voucher were arrested in Pandan.

He asked officers to take a copy of the voter’s identification card and photographs of the voter to be used as evidence for later investigation.

“I do not want the EC and the authorities to be an excuse to not investigate the incident.

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