Umno-BN Tries to “Buy Voters” With Rice


KLANG, 2 May: The incumbent for Klang Parliament, Charles Santiago found that there was an attempt to buy votes involving Barisan Nasional candidates and machinery in the area.

He claims to have received complaints yesterday that a group of BN officers gave rice with packages showing BN candidates’ pictures and messages to vote the coalition.

The officers boarded trucks to housing areas and distributes the packages to the residents.

“This case happened in Pandamaran at around 9,30am to 10am. The packages show photographs of candidates and the vote for BN slogan as well as the 1Malaysia and BN logos.

“Among the photographs of candidates are that of Datuk Azman Ching and Datuk Teh Kim Poo,” he said in a press conference here at the Klang Parliament Operations Room.


Charles condemned the action and said that it tarnished the democratic process and the integrity pledge personally signed by the BN Chairman himself, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

He said that there were complaints that such things happened before the candidate nomination day but his did not have proof.

“In the incident yesterday, we have evidence and photographs of BN buying votes,” he said.

Charles also did not rule out such things from happening all over Selangor.

He will write a letter to the Election Commission (EC) today on the matter.

In other developments, Charles informed that there have been several cases where voters from the Klang Parliament who ‘vanished’ from the EC database three days before polling day.

“Some have been transferred to Johor and other states. Within two days, I have received 11 complaints. I am sure that there are more people involved in this EC fraud,” he said.


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