16 Detained Including Women and Children (UPDATES)


KUALA LUMPUR, June 15: A total of 16 participants, including women and a 10 year-old child were detained which holding the ‘flashmob’ in conjunction with the People’s Voice Assembly in front of the Sogo shopping mall and at Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman.

They were detained after starting the gathering at around 2.00 pm just now.

Among those earliest detained was the Propaganda Director of Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM), Eddy Noor Reduan.

They were taken to the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters by the Black Maria vehicle for further action.


After the vehicle left, student activist, Ekhsan Bukharee and another participant were then detained.

Attorney, New Sin Yew arrived at the station after being informed by a detained activist, however, he was not allowed to meet with the detained activist.


In relation to that, he decided to ask permission to make a police report because he was not allowed to enter the same Police Station.

Meanwhile, PKR Vice President, Tian Chua said that the detention of the ‘flashmob’ participants will not threaten the People’s Voice Assembly on 22 June.


“Although 16 participants have been detained, there are still 16,000 people still waiting to be detained. This is a mobilisation event for the assembly. What is important is that we focus on the 22 June,” he said when met at the involved Police Station.

In the ‘flashmob’, the President of Student Solidarity Malaysia (SMM), Safwan Anang informed that the ‘flashmob’ was aimed at inviting the public to gather on 22 June.

“We do not want to overthrow the government but we want to reject fraud by the Election Commission (EC),” he said.


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