Khalid Samad: Maintain Parking Price in Shah Alam at 40 Cents


SHAH ALAM, June 5: Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) has been urged to keep the parking fees at 40 cents an hour because the price can provide an advantage to the local authorities as well as to provide services at the lowest cost.

Shah Alam Parliamentarian, Khalid Samad said that the reason MBSA wants to raise the rate to 60 cents is because it has been provided for in the Local Authority (PBT) since 1998, but does not necessarily apply.

“This is conservative thought. We, from Pakatan Rakyat, were hoping for more creative thinking.

“We should be proud for being able to keep parking rates low to be made exemplary and followed by other cities.

“We do not need to simply raise because other cities have raised their parking rates. We want to try to give the best services to the people of Shah Alam at the lowest cost,” he said at a press conference here yesterday.

Khalid said that it is understood that MBSA will not incur losses, but instead profit well with the current rate.

He said that under the PR government, freedom is given to Local Authorities in their governance which if different with the Umno-BN era.

“Members of Parliament and Assemblymen are the exemption, and cannot interfere in this matter. We want to see how government officials can appreciate and embrace the spirit of the new government,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy President of the Malaysian Islamic Caring Organisation (MCMS), Zulkifli Nani claimed that the increase of the parking rate is believed to benefit companies which received parking concessions from MBSA.

“There are many other ways for MBSA to obtain or increase revenue and we hope that MBSA will review the agreement made because we believe that it is biased,” claimed the former MBSA Council Member.

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