Now Recovered, Chief Minister Spends Time Visiting Museums, Archery


KUALA LANGAT, June 22: After the incident where Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim dozed off a few seconds during a press conference, today he appeared healthy and eager to carry out his duties as Chief Minister.

He was met at the Opening Ceremony of the Customs and Heritage festival in conjunction with the Selangor State Level International Museum Day Celebrations held here at Istana (palace) Bandar this morning.


Commenting on the incident, which was also aired in the mainstream media last night, Abdul Khalid admitted to having health problems which causes him to doze off.

“Sometimes it happens because of my health. However, I will make sure that it does not happen during DUN (State Legislative Assembly) sessions.

“Indeed, during DUN sessions, I will devote my full focus and attention to the discussions and motions being debated,” explained Abdul Khalid.

Earlier, he officiated the symbolic archery ritual of the opening ceremony by shooting balloons before taken for a tour around the exhibition space in the palace.

Abdul Khalid, who is also the Assemblyman for Port Klang, then managed to witness demonstrations of silat and gasing (tops), despite being under the hot rays of the sun.

Half an hour later, he also spent time visiting exhibition booths and mingled with the attendees before being invited to a lunch feast prepared together by the villagers.


Also present at the event this morning was State Government Exco, Dr.Ahmad Yunus Hairi who is also the Chairman of the Selangor Malay Customs and Heritage Cooperation (PADAT).

Regarding the incident where Abdul Khalid dozed off, Ahmad Yunus, who is a medical doctor, explained that the Chief Minister was experiencing a shortage of energy yesterday.

“He (Abdul Khalid) did not have breakfast yesterday. That is why his body did not have enough sugar and energy, causing him to doze off,” said the Sijangkang Assemblyman.

Yesterday, Abdul Khalid was reported to have dozed off during a press conference held soon after the Oath Swearing Ceremony for Members of the State Legislative Assembly.

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