Prepare Alternative Placement for Residents of Kampung Desa Pengasih


SUBANG JAYA, June 16: Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim informed that the Selangor District and Land Officer has submitted a proposal to resolve the issue of the residents of Kampung Desa Pengasih who were ordered to leave their placement last May.

According to Abdul Khalid, among the contents of the proposal is to provide alternative placement for the affected residents in the near future.

“The District Officer did not allow the demolition to take place and there have been discussions between residents and the developer so that this problem can be solved,” he said in a press conference here after officiating the Opening Ceremony and Branding of the 3C Complex yesterday evening.

It was reported that the villagers began to receive notices of a court order asking them to vacate the area in 2012, and the company began to file initial summons against the residents on 14 May 2013 through the Shah Alam High Court.

The notice stated that all affected residents need to vacate the area no later than 28 May.

However, residents appealed to postpone the evacuation by pleading for kindness from the involved parties to provide a placement for them as well as to claim for compensation for crops cultivated over the years.

The residents also claimed to have not received the compensation of RM7,500 by a Federal Government Linked Company (GLC) as promised from the land their homes are on.

It is understood that the land area of 217.5794 hectares was requested by the residents when Selangor was under BN and former Chief Minister, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib on 8 September 1992.

However, the residents’ application status was unknown until 2004, when the land was requested by the GLC.

The application was then approved by Dr Mohd Khir, for the purpose of building a university. However, the development of the university had not been pursued.

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