Start EC Changes by Appointing a New Chairman and Deputy Chairman


SHAH ALAM, June 2: The Election Commission (EC) has been urged to initiate changes and improvements in the country’s election by appointing a new Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

DAP Advisor, Lim Kit Siang said that the matter is important to ensure public confidence in the commission in performing its duties professionally as previously disputed.

“Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that the EC will report directly to a special committee under the Parliament,” said Kit Siang in his media statement.

He further explained that it is necessary for Najib, on the matter of improving the EC, to hold extensive discussions with Members of Parliament from Pakatan Rakyat (PR) before any announcement is issued.

“By having such discussions, any reform proposals given by various quarters with full details can be refined,” he said.

“Therefore, it is important for a new Chairman and Deputy Chairman to be appointed because the current Chairman and Deputy Chairman seems to be in favour of Barisan Nasional,” he said.

Previously, Najib Razak in his congratulatory homage to the Yang Dipertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, said that he will transfer the jurisdiction of the EC to a special committee represented by Parliamentary members from all political parties.

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