1,200 Residents Hope MDHS Approves Surau Construction


HULU SELANGOR, July 22: About 1,200 residents of Tamu Hill Phase 2 Batang Kali are forced to huddle in a single-storey terrace house to perform prayers because the local authorities have yet to approve their surau site.

Tamu Hill Phase 2 Residents’ Association Chairman, Zaid Ariffin said that the residents have started using homes as a temporary surau six months ago after the authorities and developers refused to provide a suitable site to build the surau.

“Our efforts started six years ago and it has been prevented when it was not given authorisation by several parties,” he said when met at the temporary surau.

The temporary surau was provided by a resident and modified to include a prayer space while tents and a sitting area have been set up at the compound to feast events.


According to Zaid, the association has already applied to the Hulu Selangor District Council (MDHS) for approval to use one third of the open space in the housing area to build a surau.

However, until now, there has been no response from the Local Authority concerned.

He said that every housing area should provide a site to construct suraus, especially in areas with a Muslim majority.

According to the Chairman of the Tamu Hill Park Phase 2 Temporary Surau, Jumali Johari said that the area has 531 houses and more than 80 percent of the residents are Muslims.

He added that the nearest mosque is the Bandar Baru Batang Kali Mosque which is located more than two kilometres from the township.


The location makes it difficult for senior citizens and women to perform congregational prayers.

“The many residents in the area use suraus for religious activities to strengthen ties among the community.

“We fear that this house will be taken and there would be no suraus in this area,” said Jumali.

Another resident, Mohd Zawawi Mustaffa urged for their application to be quickly resolved.

“We want real answers from the parties concerned, hopefully the application from the residents would lead to building a surau,” he said.

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