Ilham Centre: Young and Outstation Voters Determinants of PAS Victory in Kuala Besut


SHAH ALAM, July 23: The increase in young and outstation voters have become determinant factor of PAS candidate, Azlan@Endot Yusof’s victory in the Kuala Besut by-elections tomorrow.

Studies conducted by an independent research firm, Ilham Centre, shows that young voters in the constituency of Kuala Besut has reached up to 51 percent of the total voters.

Meanwhile, outstation voters amount to around 2,000 people who are living outside the constituency.

Based on this scenario, PAS would use the strategy to win the support of young voters because they are facing difficulty of expecting a shift from voters voting Umno-BN in certain areas of the constituency.

However, the designated polling date has been set to fall on Wednesday, a working day which makes it difficult for outside voters to return to vote and this puts pressure on PAS.

The study also stated that PAS’s victory this time depends entirely on the strength of its candidate, Che Long, because he has close relationship with the residents.

Meanwhile, the socio-economic conditions of the residents in Kuala Besut is desperate and below the power line, which can be easily be manipulated by Umno-BN to achieve victory for its candidate, Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abdul Rahman, with aggressive and luxurious campaigning.

During the 13th General Election (GE-13), the late Dr Abdul Rahman Mokhtan won against the PAS candidate, Napisah Ismail with a majority of 1,434 votes.

Kuala Besut has a total of 17,713 registered voters, where 97.9 percent are Malays, 1.6 percent Chinese and 0.1 percent Indian.

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