MPKj Confirms Closing Ramadan Bazaar at Reko Sentral Kajang


SHAH ALAM, July 11: The decision to not allow a Ramadan bazaar to be held at Reko Sentral Kajang, Bangi, is to avoid misunderstanding between shop owners and bazaar organisers in addition to avoiding traffic congestion in the area.

Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) Corporate and Public Relations Officer, Kamarul Izlan Sulaiman said that they made the decision after receiving complaints from traders at the supermarket.

MPKj also made the decision after referring to the State Government regarding the bazaar which has been held there since three years ago.

“We have referenced with the State Government Secretary’s Office which does not support to allow for the Ramadan Carnival Bazaar to be held there based on a few issues.

“Among the reasons is the complaints received from traders in the area and that there is a huge supermarket in the area.

“These factors are the basis to the closure of the bazaar,” said Izlan when contacted.

He added that the closure is also due to the traffic in the area which interferes with existing stores.

The Ramadan Bazaar is organised by the Langat Jaya Residents’ Association. The decision to shut down the bazaar was criticised by the traders of the bazaar who stated that they have taken out capital required to buy goods for their respective businesses.

“This decision is final based on the outcome of the meeting and we will stick to any decision reached in a meeting,” said Izlan.

Meanwhile, Bangi Assemblyman, Mohd Shafie Ngah pleaded for the State Government to consider the fate of about 200 vendors that wish to participate in the bazaar.

He said that the vendors have taken out huge capitals to trade in the area and the closure would affect their business opportunity.

He said that the traffic flow problem is an issue that can be resolved because there are alternative routes in the area.

He said that this carnival has been running for three years and the alternative site is already full.

“I ask for this to be considered and that discussions will be held with the traders,” he said.

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