Noor Hanim Proposes Provisions According to Total Population


SHAH ALAM, July 3: Seeing that the distribution of the total population in each constituency is different, the distribution of provisions according to the population per capita should be implemented.

Noor said Hanim Ismail (PAS-Seri Serdang) said, the provisions according to the total population is important to ensure a more equitable distribution to all citizens in the state.

“An example is Seri Serdang which has a total electorate of about 73,000.

“This will definitely demand for the government to ensure that the provisions given are adequate and commensurate,” said Noor Hanim.

She added, in addition to being fair, the division of provisions based on the per capita would also ensure the smooth running of welfare programmes organised by the State Government.

“For example, the assistance given to senior citizens, in my are the number is high. So it is hoped that it will be based on the per capita and not 1,000 for each constituency.

“In the best interest of the people, I hope an initiative can be taken to review the amount of allocations,” she added.

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