SAMM Launches Fund to Help Activists Protesting Against Election Fraud


SHAH ALAM, July 26: Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM) launched a fund to raise money to help 33 activists involved in the election fraud protest rally.

The money is to pay the bail set by the court.

According to the SAMM Propaganda Director, Edy Noor Reduan in a statement to TVSelangor, SAMM previously was advised by their counsel to ready RM165,000 for the bail.

“Based on information from the Investigating Officer (IO) of the case from the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters, the 33 of them would be charged under the Peaceful Assembly Act for attending an illegal assembly and 17 of them will be additionally charged under Act 147 for attempting a riot.

According the Edy, those who want to contribute funds for the bail of the 33 activists and help the SAMM movement can deposit funds to the Maybank account 5550 4111 3224 under the name of Solidarity Anak Muda.

“After depositing, please SMS to 0126937908 or email to [email protected] for authentication information,” he added.

On June 24, over 50 activists from various NGOs held a protest in front of Parliament to pressure leaders of the Election Commission (EC) to resign following the fraud an abuse of power that took place throughout the 13th General Election (GE-13).

At the event, a total of 33 of them were arrested, including several famous young activists such as Safwan Anang, Ekhksan Bukhari as well as Akram Ahmar.

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