Selangor Mosques’ Enlivening Campaign Receives Attention from Other States


SHAH ALAM, July 11: The success of enlivening that mosque which has taken place for five years in Selangor has now become a model for other states, said Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

This can be seen in the increase of participants in lecture and religious Tarbiyyah programmes, as well as the increasing demand during the Ramadan month for Lambuk porridge and dates.

According to Abdul Khalid, many leaders from other states have asked him for ways to enliven mosque programmes.

“I just replied ‘Alhamdulillah’ (Thank God). I think that we should thank the Mosque Enlivening Committee which worked tirelessly to enliven mosques,” he said in his speech during the launch of the Bubur Lambuk and dates Distribution Ceremony at the State Mosque.

He said that the campaign was able to adopt values that mosques are not only places of worship but a place for the community.

During the event, a total of 1,250 Lambuk Porridge and dates were distributed from the Chief Minister’s personal donation amounting to RM5,000.

The Chairman of the State Mosque Enlivening Committee, Datuk Seri Indah Raja, Datuk Abu Bakar Hamid said that for this year, the State Mosque provides 2,400 packs of Lambuk Porridge and dates to be distributed to the public free of charge.

“This year, the demand for Lambuk Porridge and dates has increased. Each day, we will distribute 1,200 Lambuk Porridge and 1,200 dates.

“Last year, it was only 1,000 per day. There is an increase of 200,” he said.

The Lambuk Porridge provided by the State Mosque this year is from contributions of 68 people from private companies, individuals and public donations.

RM100,000 has been allocated to distribute Lambuk Porridge and dates for the 27 days of Ramadan.

The Lambuk Porridge is distributed after the Asr prayers every day to the public.


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