Selangor Sets-Up Garbage Disposal Task Force


SELAYANG, July 24: Selangor has set-up a special task force to solve the waste disposal problem seeing that landfills in the state are almost full.

The committee, consisting of Selangor Excos, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi and Elizabeth Wong, will study other methods of waste disposal such as using garbage incinerators which was a controversy some time ago.

Executive Councillor in charge of Local Government, Studies and Research, Datuk Teng Chang Khim said that the committee will conduct an extensive study on various strategies before making a final decision.

“In the context of Selangor, we will look at it from all aspects. The landfill method may no longer be used, except for existing ones,” he said in a press conference after meeting with the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) here recently.

He said that the Jeram landfill will be closed in 2016 and the State Government needs to decide whether to use a new method or to send solid waste to other sites such as Bukit Tagar.

However, said Teng, the method involves high costs.

“We will also hold dialogues with parties concerned about the environment before the State Government makes a decision,” he added.

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