Selangor to Seize Premises Used as Illegal Massage Parlours


SELAYANG, July 24: The Selangor Government will implement the action to seize and auction premises used as illegal massage parlours.

The move is in hopes to raise fear in owners of premises and buildings to not be nonchalant towards tenants who misuse the premises for illegal activities.

However, the Executive Councillor in charge of Local Government, Studies and Research, Datuk Teng Chang Khim said that the Government will seek the opinion of the State Legal Advisor before the move is implemented.

Teng said, the laws and the existing laws and actions of local authorities, such as seizure of premises and goods, are not very effective in curbing such illegal activities.

Therefore, he said, the State Government wants to impose a different sort of punishment or a harsher punishment, to overcome the problem of massage parlours which are illegal or operating without licence in Selangor.

“We may increase the punishment by seizing the building rented by operators or being run by owners themselves,” he said in a press conference after meeting with the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) recently.

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