SPIES Able to Provide Additional Motivation to Students


KLANG July 21: Many parents feel that the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social (S.P.I.E.S) programme is capable of developing character for children to be successful in the future.

For father, Mohd Khairullah Mohd Shafie, 42, motivational programmes organised by SPIES can provide additional confidence to students in facing examinations to take advantage of time to study hard.

“Most children do not know the techniques or the correct way if they want to succeed. So thought this motivational programme, it is explained to students the best method if they want to become successful,” he said.

He was met when attending the Mahabbah Towards the Excellence of Children of the World programme held at Dewan Putra, Kampung Dalek here in Klang today.


The programme was organised especially for parents, teachers and students of the Religious Primary School (SRA) which will be facing the Religious Primary School Assessment (PSRA) this year.

Meanwhile, for mother, Fauziah Abdullah, 39, this motivational programms is beneficial to her on how to educate her children.

“Perhaps many people are less focused of the spiritual aspects of education. It is important for children to build character and identity to become useful individuals.

“So through this programme, I can now understand a little on how to educate a child,” she added.

The programme was officiated by the Exco for Education, Higher Education and Human Capital Development, Dr Halimah Ali.

Dr Halimah said that children should be made aware of the responsibilities that they will shoulder for the future of themselves and their family.

“Children are very valuable assets in the future if nurtured in the right way.

“That is why the State Government is always attentive to undertake human capital development on the while, including for children,” she said.

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