It Is Not A Question of A United Government But Of Solving People’s Issues

An open dialogue between the government and the opposition will not necessarily lead to a united front, said Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“No issue was ever raised on a united government,” he said during a media conference at the PKR headquarters today.

Citing from Keadilan Daily, the de facto leader of PKR who was fielding questions from reporters, said it is a common practice in a democratic country.

“In a democratic country, it is imperative to involve everyone in a negotiation, including the opposing parties.

“There is nothing wrong with organising a negotiation to discuss some fundamental issues.

“The Coalition has support from a majority that’s demanding for change. We acknowledge that we must continue to make concentrated effort to save the nation,” he said.

Anwar said, the dialogue is their latest effort in assisting majority of the people who voted for the Coalition.

He outlined several issues that became grounds for discussions. Amongst them are racial issues, religious manipulations, the growing economic crisis, increased crime rates, and good governance.

“Let’s forget about the upset we experienced from the dishonesty of the Election Commission (EC), and make the national interest as our main priority,” he said.

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