Latheefa – Do Not Use the Sedition Act


SHAH ALAM, August 15: The Umno-BN ruling party has been urged to not abuse the Sedition Act against political parties that criticise the government’s shortcomings.

The Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s head of legal and human rights bureau, Latheefa Koya said that each charge against the Government should instead be dealt with appropriately and not set aside as an incitement.

“The basic requirement for the application of sedition laws in Malaysia – that no matter how obnoxious, it cannot be applied for statements made against political parties including BN, regardless whether they are in the government or not,” said Latheefa.

PKR reiterated its stand for the Sedition Act to be repealed without replacement.

Latheefa said this after the Umno Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin filed a police report against the Sarawak DAP Chief, Chong Chieng Jen yesterday.

Chong had alleged that murder cases involving firearms were allowed to spread so that the government can formulate and introduce a new law to replace the Emergency Ordinance (EO).

Khairy wants Chong to be charged under the Sedition Act for actions of inciting the people to hate BN.

“If Khairy’s reason is accepted, then all leaders who criticise BN will be guilty of incitement!” Latheefa stressed.

Latheefa said that Chong’s claim should be scrutinised due to the call of the preventive law to be reintroduced to address the spike in serious crimes at this time.

“BN is the (Federal) government. The police is under the Ministry of Home Affairs and they have failed to carry out their duties well. There is no excuse for failing to keep the peace,” stressed Chong defending his statement in a media report.

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