Ops Cantas: 211 Criminals Apprehended in the 4-Day Operation


SHAH ALAM, August 20: The Selangor Contingent Police has apprehended 683 people suspected to be involved in criminal activities in the Special Ops Cantas which was launched on Saturday.

The Acting Chief of the Selangor Police, DCP Datuk A.Thaiveegan said from the amount, 211 of them were found to be involved in various criminal offences.

“Through the four-day operation which ended early this morning, we have found 211 people to have been involved in a number of criminal offences and some of them are indeed wanted by the police in addition to those of them who own dangerous weapons and drugs.

“All of them have been remanded for further investigation while others have been released from the investigation,” he said in a press statement at the State Contingent Headquarters in Shah Alam today.

All of them were arrested after the police carried out surprise inspections at entertainment premises, 24-hour restaurants, through road-blocks as well as locations where criminals were suspected to gather at.

Through the operation, the Selangor Contingent Police also confiscated 11 machetes, 5 knives, 1 toy gun, burglary tools, 92 batons, 7 cars, 5 motorcycles, 10 mobile phones and drugs of various kinds.

All of them were arrested under the Prevention of Crime Act and complete investigation will be conducted prior to submission of prosecution.

Thaiveegan added that they have appealed to the court to issue a remand order to enable investigations to be carried out before submission of prosecution against them.

“Every day we will appeal to the court to issue a remand order to enable us to apprehend and conduct investigations.

“We will inform in the near future on the decision of how many people will be charged with this offence,” explained Thaiveegan.

Elaborating, Thaiveegan said that the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) will intensify this operation throughout Selangor.

From the results of the investigation, PDRM found that recent shooting cases have been happening due to revenge while other factors include being hired to carry out the crime.

“We hope that the public will cooperate by channelling information if they happen to know or suspect any criminal activity to help us combat these activities,” he said.

Through a statement released in the PDRM Official Facebook Page yesterday, the operation will be conducted throughout the country and in the early stages, the Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan Police Contingents will pioneer the operation.

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