Pakatan Condemns the Murder of Hundreds of Egyptians


SHAH ALAM, August 14: Pakatan Rakyat condemns the massive invasion of Egypt, led by Interim President, Adly Mansour, early this morning, said Nasrudin Hassan.

“The incident is the most heinous, cruel and non-humanitarian act by the Egyptian regime against its own people.

“It happened in Raba’ah and in Madinah Nasr. Troops stormed the demonstrators through tear gas and snipers on top of buildings.

“What was more worrying was that ambulances were not allowed to enter Rabiatul Adawiyah which witnessed much bloodshed,” said the PAS Youth Chief.

In the incident, soldiers stormed thousands of demonstrators through tear gas and shot live ammunition causing death to over 200 martyrs and injury to over 8,000 people.

In a press statement today, Nasaruddin said that the Egyptian regime’s tyranny will not solve the bloody conflict in the country.

“Killing innocent people will not turn off the desire of millions of people who seek justice through genuine democratic process.

“Only the negotiation table and the return of the power mandate to the legitimate government which was elected by the people, which is Dr Mohammad Morsi, can restore peace and stability to the country,” he said.

Questioning the Malaysian government in dealing with the conflict in Egypt, he said that Malaysia should take steps by stating strong protests against the action.

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