Postpone Returning to Hometown to Celebrate Aidilfitri at Child’s Grave


SHAH ALAM, Aug 7: In a few hours, Muslims will be celebrating the arrival of the Shawwal. However, the celebrations this time will be different for Mohd Jimadie Shah because this Aidilfitri (Eid al-Fitr) will be celebrated without his eldest son, Adam Azfar.

The departure of Adam, aged six, died on May 27 from cancer, changed the Hari Raya tradition for the family of the Assistant Editor for Malaysiakini Malay language table.

They usually returned to their hometown in Perlis a few days earlier to celebrate the Aidilfitri, however this time, they are not doing so.

Instead, the family plans to visit the grave of Adam after performing the Eid prayers tomorrow before returning to their hometown.

“Usually, two or three days before Raya we will return to Perlis. But this year, our family wants to visit the grave of the deceased before returning to my hometown,” he said.


When contacted by TVSelangor today, Jimadie admitted to feeling a sadness that cannot be hidden by the family without the antics of his eldest some as the Hari Raya draws near.

“My late son was very happy and active in the years before, when the Aidilfitri came about,” he said.

Adam died after a seven-month battle against ‘Pontine Glioma’ cancer which grew in the middle of his brain.


He previously underwent 30 sessions of radiotherapy and supplied with drugs since the tumor was detected early last November.

The child was burried at the Batu 14 Muslim Cemetery in Puchong.

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