The Government and the People Both Complement Efforts and Trust for the Tranquillity of the People


The consequences would be bad if there is no mawaddah and ramah (compassion and love) among the people and the government which leads them. The climax is anarchy, such of which is happening in some countries in the world; uncontrollable situations and humans harming and killing among themselves.

The lack of mawaddah and rahmah can also be observed from the disasters that occur as a result of wilful negligence by the hands of evil men – collapsed buildings, landslides, flash floods in places where heavy rain if frequent, rampant serious crimes, unrestricted human trafficking, corruption that has become a culture, not knowing how country’s wealth is channelled and spent, the weak having no place to complain, and not receiving justice as well as a thousand and one more incidents – all of which makes the people feel unsafe and insecure, because it is the evil group that feels safe and secure to perform all forms of evil and no one will interfere with them.

What is the best way to fulfil human nature – that is the spirit and essence of the Eid al-Fitr celebration which is celebrated every year by Muslims and is well known by Malaysians of all races and religions? Eid al-Fitr Day is Fitra (meaning ‘disposition’, ‘nature’, ‘constitution’, or ‘instinct) Day.

Human Fitra includes body, spirit, mental, emotion and other elements that complement a human being to be able to develop his/her potential as someone useful of oneself, family, community an country, in fact to mankind on general.

Therefore, the people and the government must return to the existence of Fitra to maintain the well-being of human Fitra and fulfil its needs. Any movement, planning and management of wealth should mobilise the people and the government to meet human needs – which has the right and is its responsibility.

Mat Allah bless both, the people and the government, which are advised to not do evil, to pray for the best and to realise plans which are documented in an orderly fashion, so that human Fitra can bring about the best for humankind.

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Rodziah Ismail

Deputy Head of the Central Women’s Wing and Selangor Head Woman

Partic Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party)

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