90 Residents of Paya Jaras to Receive Land Grants


SUNGAI BULOH, 21 Sept: A total of 90 residents of Kampung Matang Jaya, Paya Jaras, were excited because their decades of waiting to own land grants will be fulfilled by the State Government.


Resident, Manimegalaen, 35, said that he was deeply touched that the land that he has been occupying for over 20 years will be his.

“Finally, my dream of owning the grant of my own land after completing all matters this morning. Frankly, I feel very, very happy because I have been waiting a long time to own it,” he said.


For Rajasami, 67, he said that the State Government’s efforts to give the right of possession to the residents must be commended because it proves the caring administration of Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

“I would like to especially thank the State Government and Tan Sri (Abdul Khalid) for proving the the State Government under his leadership always prioritises the people’s wants which were ignored by the previous government” he said.

Manimegalaen and Rajasami were met when settling the land ownership grant procedure which was done by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) with the law firm involved at the Kampung Matang Pagar Public Hall near here today.


Meanwhile, a resident, Ahmad Safie, 41, is of the opinion that the RM1,000 premium charged by the State Government does not burden the people who want to own their own land grants.

“Although the process is not yet finalised, I am willing to pay the RM1,000 because it is still affordable and I believe that other residents also agree with me,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Administrative Officer of PKNS, Ismarazi Ismail said that the acquisition of the land grants has to go through several levels before the residents can have the grants to their own land.


He said that PKNS has always helped to facilitate the process by acting as an intermediary between residents and law firms, as well as the Land Office.

“The main purpose of our program today is to help facilitate the process of the land title so that residents need not be troubled to go to the law firm and the land office because many residents do not know the method and processes,” he said.

In the meantime, Ismarazi said that all residents are expected to own the titles to their own land in a month after all transactions are settled by the Land Office.


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