Central Government Should Explain Why the Country’s Funds are being Overspent


SHAH ALAM, 30 Sept: The Central Government should explain why citizens of this country overspend to a point of forcing the Parliament to pass the Supplementary Supply Bill 2013 (RUU) to accommodate the act,.

Member of Parliament for Selayang, William Leong Jee Keen said, the guidelines set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has set for the rulers who receive excessive income usually shows an undisciplined expenditure.

What is more disappointing is that the move also shows that the previous budget was not prepared properly and does not include foresight.

“In addition to the basic principles, additional supply is not needed as long as the budget is prepared properly and all unexpected expenses should be taken from the contingency reserves,” stressed William when he was speaking at the PUU Debate on the 2013 Additional Supply at the House of Representatives today.

He was referring to the over payment of RM8,853,400,000 (RM8,853 bllion) to cover the expenses of subsidy claims for petroleum products for the year 2013. William also wants the Central Government to explain the original allocations for the aim which is RM20,015,000,000 (RM20.051 billion) was spent.

“Is this payment expected when the 2013 Budget was prepared for presentation in October 2012?” asked William, and adding that, “I asked the Government to provide information if the original total from the early allocations which have been paid and what are the changes in the economic assumptions that affected the budget policies approved in October 2012,”

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