Damaged ATM – Banks Should Make Haste In Refunds


SHAH ALAM, 25 SEPT: Banking groups should hasten the refund duration for users of automatic teller machine (ATM) that fail to produce money due to engine problems.

The Communications Director of the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (FOMCA), Mohd Yusuf Abdul Rahman, said the time period between five to seven days is simply too long.

“If the problem is caused by the machine, the money should be returned as soon as possible without having the user to face a long process.

“Banks should look into records and machine logs to see if the money comes out or not. This can be seen to immediately. Banks have Closed Circuit Cameras (CCTV) to prove whether the users have taken their money out or not.

“The time period of allowing users to get their money back is something that should be taken seriously,” he said.

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